Formation of air-entraining vortices at horizontal water intakes /

Zaloğlu, Cihan
The goal of this study is to estimate the critical submergence depths of horizontal water intakes that have symmetrical and asymmetrical approach flow conditions by using empirical equations. Therefore a series of experiments were performed in a reservoir-pipe system dominated by gravity and controlled by a valve. On account of adjustable lateral walls, symmetrical and asymmetrical flow conditions were created at various Froude numbers. For a wide range of discharges and for three different pipe diameters, the critical depths of air-entraining vortices were observed. These observations were evaluated by dimensional analysis and dimensionless parameters were suggested. Finaly empirical equations were derived and the results were compared with similar studies in the literature.
Citation Formats
C. Zaloğlu, “Formation of air-entraining vortices at horizontal water intakes /,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.