The Development of a model for tablet PC usage in education: expectations to realities

Özbek, Gökçen
This study aimed to explore current situation of Tablet PC usage in FATIH project from the instructional design perspective and also to propose an instructional design model suitable for Tablet PC usage in education. Considering these aims, expectations invested in Tablet PC usage in teaching and learning environment, advantages and disadvantages faced in utilizing Tablet PC in classroom and the necessary condition to be met in order to use this tool instructionally functional were investigated. The grounded theory method was conducted in order to construct the path to follow for data gathering and data analysis. Theoretical sampling was used to select participants, who were teachers in a pilot school and field experts. Literature, media and teachers’ documents and materials were also consulted as a source for the study. On the basis of the results of the study two different instructional design models were constructed. First one showed the teachers’ current applications of Tablet PC usage, which is limited to displaying multimedia materials. This restricted usage was due to the unmet expectations of teachers related with FATIH project, and the disadvantages experienced because of the lack of necessary conditions. The second model was shaped considering the case where the conditions would be optimal to use this technology more advantageously. Consequently, more systematic planning, including the revision of curriculum, Tablet PC distribution system and technology education in schools was recommended for the decision makers.


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G. Özbek, “The Development of a model for tablet PC usage in education: expectations to realities,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2014.