Design of a web based interface and database structure for structural engineering experimental data /

Kurt, Tolga
This study is conducted in order to design and implement a web-based database application which stores structural and earthquake engineering experimental data and related documents in a main server in a standardized manner and makes it possible for researchers and engineers to add and share experimental data easily. The system is developed in accordance with the standards defined in the scope of the SERIES project which is a project operated by a consortium consisting of related university laboratories and institutions of European countries. The implementation was first tested in Structural and Earthquake Engineering Laboratory of Civil Engineering Department, METU and then has become a part of the SERIES network. The application has two main components one of which is used to store information about projects, specimens, experiments, related files, sensor and loading devices at the server side. The other component of the application is a website allowing users to attain a functional user interface which makes it easy to use the application, and it is accessible from everywhere with internet connection. After the database was created using MySQL database management system, it was attached to the website which was developed using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP programming languages. The system provides functionalities to create, modify, search, and delete projects, specimens and experiments, to upload/download related files, to plot signals and other related features. The application is thoroughly tested with the experiment data obtained from previous projects conducted in METU and is accessible via a public URL in production mode.
Citation Formats
T. Kurt, “Design of a web based interface and database structure for structural engineering experimental data /,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.