Prediction of sound transmisson through elastomeric bulb seals

Atamer, Serkan
September 2014, 111 pages Doors are the weakest parts of the buildings in terms of sound transmission. Examination of sound transmission loss characteristics of doors reveals two separate transmission paths to be considered, namely, transmission through door leaf and leak transmission through bulb seals. Seals are the important parts of the sound transmission loss characteristic of door structure owing to their weakness compared to door leaf. Hence, their insulation capability should be analyzed and optimized to improve sound transmission loss of an acoustical door. The aim of this research is to predict sound transmission loss of elastomeric bulb seals. This assessment includes two main steps. A static analysis is required to determine the seal shape under compression. Seals are made of elastomers which display nonlinear mechanical behavior. This requires hyperelastic material modeling and nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA). An acoustic analysis to calculate the sound transmission is then carried on deformed geometry acquired from the first phase of the research. Different seal geometries, which are already being used in industry, are considered as case studies. Effects of different material characteristics and different seal geometries on sound transmission are investigated. Influences of different hyper elastic material models on sound insulation are studied.
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S. Atamer, “Prediction of sound transmisson through elastomeric bulb seals,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.