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EFL teachers’ perceptions on the effectiveness of components of an EFL in-service training program /

Yurttaş, Abdullah
Teachers have a central role to play in any school system and their competence and experience can make a big impact on the quality of schools in general. As Guskey (2002) puts it schools can only be as good as the teachers who work within them. With this in mind, the professional qualities and competencies of teachers are important indicators of quality education. This study investigated the perceptions of EFL teachers on the effectiveness of components and features of an in-house EFL INSET program. The study also examined the suggestions of teachers to improve the quality of current EFL INSET program as well as the EFL INSET program in their ideals. The study was conducted with 44 instructors of English who work in private schools mainly in Ankara and surrounding cities. The EFL INSET program which was evaluated took place during 2013-2014 academic year. The data for this study were collected through a questionnaire and interview. The questionnaire was administered to the teachers to find out their perceptions about the EFL INSET program that took place prior to their evaluation. The findings of the study indicated that although the effectiveness of the program was rated between average and good, the program was found effective especially with components like “classroom activities”, “adapting course book”, “collaboration”. It was criticised because of its length, irrelevancy of some sessions, content or materials, failure in grouping the participants effectively based on their experience, levels they taught, the sessions in which promotional materials were introduced.