A Context-aware mobile event notification system using the publish-subscribe model with a business rule engine and linked data

Gürgah, Melih
Context-awareness has become an important feature of event recommendation and notification systems. So far, several studies in tourism and education domains have provided good results on using different context data and delivering messages based on this context- aware environment. Although many context data are gathered, the analysis of these context data for a proper recommendation still remains insufficient. Even if the recommendation itself is said to be successful, delivery performance, in other words, notifying the message recipient under appropriate conditions, is still inadequate. We propose a publish-subscribe based event notification system enhanced with a business rule engine for context data evaluation, and linked data for semantic analysis. We aim to improve event notification performance by aggregating various context data, making complex inferences and finding the most suitable time to deliver messages for the subscriber by applying the business rule concept. Furthermore, in order to semantically analyze event details and infer new relationships, we utilize semantic analysis by using linked data. To validate our proposed system, we implement a working prototype incorporating event publishers, an event management server composed of a business rule engine, a semantic analysis module powered with linked data and an event dispatcher component, as well as internal and external context sources. The applicability of the system is demonstrated by evaluating it against several sample scenarios.