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A Study on matched-piece lapping process for production of precision machine elements

Vayghannezhad, Salar
The process of lapping has been long regarded as an art. Since the quality of lapping differs from one operator to another, significantly and the results are often time inconsistent. The material removal rate, surface finish and geometry all depends on proper control of lapping parameters (e.g. lapping speed, lapping pressure, lapping material and size and type, workpiece material and hardness, etc.). Furthermore, to attain the desired outcomes, it is imperative to select proper values for lapping process control parameters. In this research lapping processes are studied via several experiments to investigate the effects of the initial/boundary conditions of the process on the overall geometry of the final workpiece. Hence a general-purpose mathematical model of the process (and lapping rules) is proposed based on the relevant literature and the experimental results obtained.