A Study on matched-piece lapping process for production of precision machine elements

Vayghannezhad, Salar
The process of lapping has been long regarded as an art. Since the quality of lapping differs from one operator to another, significantly and the results are often time inconsistent. The material removal rate, surface finish and geometry all depends on proper control of lapping parameters (e.g. lapping speed, lapping pressure, lapping material and size and type, workpiece material and hardness, etc.). Furthermore, to attain the desired outcomes, it is imperative to select proper values for lapping process control parameters. In this research lapping processes are studied via several experiments to investigate the effects of the initial/boundary conditions of the process on the overall geometry of the final workpiece. Hence a general-purpose mathematical model of the process (and lapping rules) is proposed based on the relevant literature and the experimental results obtained.


A study on the 'creative act' in architecture through the attitude of M. Ziya Tanalı
Taşkın, Özlem; Cengizkan, Ali; Department of Architecture (2006)
In this thesis, analysis of the creative act in architecture and art is tried to be dwelled upon. The capacities of the 'creative mind'; personality and ethics are the fields that are focused on to elaborate the subjective qualities of the architect. Three aspects are designated in this framework through the literal works of architect M. Ziya Tanalı. Tanalı is a man of profession for the several years. He is not only contributed Turkish architecture with buildings, but also wrote extensively on art and arch...
Çınar, Sena; Büyükcivelek, Ahmet Burak; Department of City Planning (2023-1-9)
Nowadays, creativity is fundamental in many aspects of life. A core component of the creative economy era, the creative community refers to a community of creative class, creative entrepreneurs, authorities, and local people. Creative communities have become important attractions for local cities. For this reason, the emergence of the creative class, which is expressed as creative people, artists, bohemians, or the new middle class, and creative entrepreneurs have caused it to play an important role in the ...
The cognitive aspects of model-making in architectural design
Gürsoy, Benay; Özkar, Mine; Department of Architecture (2010)
Considerable research has been done by various scholars to assess the significance of sketching in the early stages of the design process. However, sketching in design studies usually corresponds to drawing and the extensive research on the cognitive aspects of sketching does not always include three-dimensional sketching through physical and digital models produced in the early phases of design process. The aim of the presented research is to identify some characteristics of model-making that make it effec...
A fractographic study on toughening of epoxy resin using ground tyre rubber
Kaynak, Cevdet; Akovali, G. (2001-01-01)
This study is a fractographic examination of epoxy resin modified with scrap car tyre regrinds used as toughening phase. Five different surface treatment techniques, used to improve the compatibility at the interface between the rubber particles and the epoxy matrix, were: oxygen plasma, two silane coupling agents, acrylic acid and acrylic acid/benzoylperoxide mixture. Rubber parts of ground scrap car tyres with a size range of 355-500 mum after surface treatment were mixed with epoxy. This mixture was pour...
THE Lord of The Postmodernity Plagiarism, Postmodernitenin efendisi İntihal
Işıtman, Ödül (2017-06-29)
Today’s art, which is dominated by postmodernism, evolves into a completely different sense of art that reverses the system over its own weapon and changes all the known values of art. While the limits of perception are pushed in a timeless and spaceless language, answers are sought to the questions which are posed in almost all areas of real and virtual. In this process, the problems of imitation, appropriation or plagiarism have taken their place in the center of positive or negative art thought. With...
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S. Vayghannezhad, “A Study on matched-piece lapping process for production of precision machine elements,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2014.