The cognitive aspects of model-making in architectural design

Gürsoy, Benay
Considerable research has been done by various scholars to assess the significance of sketching in the early stages of the design process. However, sketching in design studies usually corresponds to drawing and the extensive research on the cognitive aspects of sketching does not always include three-dimensional sketching through physical and digital models produced in the early phases of design process. The aim of the presented research is to identify some characteristics of model-making that make it effective in the design process and design cognition as a form of sketching. Departing from key research on sketching which articulates its uncertain nature as a positive drive in early design phases, this thesis looks at whether physical and digital models can also be counted among ambiguous design tools. The inquiry is supported by empirical data from the protocol studies realized with three graduate students of architecture.


Diagrammatic potency of the "nine square grid" in architectural design
Kalfazade, Nihat; Gür, Berin Fatma; Department of Architecture (2004)
The aim of this thesis is to search for the diagrammatic potency of the أnine square gridؤ (9SG) in architectural design. The thesis refers to the diagram as a tool for bringing order to the essential elements of architecture (i.e. program, structure and context). It highlights the potential relationships among these elements. In this study, the 9SG is approached as a diagram that has the potential to generate different spatial relations. The thesis investigates different uses of the 9SG in reference to the...
The dialogue of type and model in architecture
Tunçbaş, Adil; Cengizkan, Ali; Department of Architecture (2006)
The idea of type has always been a crucial factor in the field of architecture. Not only it works as a dominator in the design process of architecture but also it supplies the certain ways through which architecture communicates with the observer. In order to understand the interaction between architecture and the observer the idea of type appears as a critical point. This study will be an attempt to understand the dialogue of type and model in architecture. Throughout the research Anthony Vidler’s article ...
An investigation on the planimetric design efficiency of inpatient departments in healtcare facilities
Kazanasmaz, Zehra Tuğçe; Düzgüneş, Arda; Department of Building Science in Architecture (2005)
As cited in literature, the history of hospital design in both practice and theory is rife with proposals that lay claim to improving efficiency. The aim was to obtain not only lowest possible construction, maintenance and operational costs, but also highest possible patient satisfaction,comfort and privacy. Nested within this outlook, the design of hospital nursing units has claimed considerable priority. Significant in such an endeavour is timely feedback to the designer, especially as quantitative assess...
Analysis of the limits of representation of architectural photographic images in periodicals
Bakht, Nazlı; Güzer, Celal Abdi; Department of Architecture (2007)
This study aims to analyze the limits of representation of architectural photographic images in periodicals within architectural media that shape today’s architectural production. This aim is accomplished in three sections; “examining the power of image in architecture”; “examining architectural media” and “examining the periodicals’ attitudes towards using architectural photography”. A case study is done to uncover the relationship between the photograph and the medium that it takes place on and determine ...
A study on main architectural and structural design considerations of contemporary supertall buildings
Ilgin, Huseyin Emre; Ay, Bekir Özer; Günel, Mehmet Halis (Informa UK Limited, 2020-04-22)
The design of supertall buildings (300m+) involves many professionals from several disciplines. The need for coordination among numerous experts, increases complexity of the entire process, which is typically conducted under the leadership of the architect, or sometimes the contractor. Consequently, the architects designing supertall buildings must be aware of architectural and structural design considerations and their interrelations. In this paper, the main architectural design considerations and structur...
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B. Gürsoy, “The cognitive aspects of model-making in architectural design,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2010.