THE Lord of The Postmodernity Plagiarism, Postmodernitenin efendisi İntihal

Today’s art, which is dominated by postmodernism, evolves into a completely different sense of art that reverses the system over its own weapon and changes all the known values of art. While the limits of perception are pushed in a timeless and spaceless language, answers are sought to the questions which are posed in almost all areas of real and virtual. In this process, the problems of imitation, appropriation or plagiarism have taken their place in the center of positive or negative art thought. With postmodernism, the period which glorifies mini narratives, personal stories, localities, new identities, differences and privileges has started. While postmodern art approaches banality, waste and ordinariness as an ideology and a value, it ignores the ethical values and responsibilities. It opposes the exorbitance and perceived value created by modernism, while it wages a war against values related to being original and unique. It questions both the existing art market and the “what” of art, the “who” of the artist and the value of art object. What lies behind this discussion is the “Anything goes” motto, which emphasizes that in postmodernism everything is permissible and that postmodernism is open to any idea or practice. Everything has been disrupted due to the information and image bombardment with commercials in the 1950s, globalization in the 1980s, the Internet in the 1990s, and finally social networking and computer games in the 2000s. The reality was blurred and the images that get into network in a short time replaced reality. Postmodern art, which focuses on questions about what is the thing that is art, canalizes itself into citations and compilations which turn into imitation, appropriation, pastiche or plagiarism. While postmodernism turns into a kind of citation and compilation aesthetics; imitation, which is at the center of the questions related to what is the thing that is art, becomes the strategy of postmodernism. The article titled ‘The Lord of the Postmodernity: Plagiarism’ is about the transformation of an art object into an art material or the re-presentation of it in today’s sense of art which extends from imitation, appropriation, and pastiche to plagiarism.
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Ö. Işıtman, “THE Lord of The Postmodernity Plagiarism, Postmodernitenin efendisi İntihal,” presented at the 6th World Conference on Design and Arts (WCDA-2017), 2017, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: