Computer code development for numerical solution of depth integrated shallow water equations to study flood waves

İşcen, Behiye Nilay
Floods are the most common natural risks to human beings because the most populated areas in the world are vulnerable to flood disasters. Floods are likely to become increasingly severe and more frequent due to climate change, population growth, change of land use, irrigation, deforestation and urban development inside the flood plains. Inundation risk assessment primarily requires numerical solution to a mathematical model, which appropriately describes hydraulics of flood waves over terrains including natural river beds to highly populated urban areas. This thesis aims the development and the validation of a computer code to solve the depth integrated shallow water equations for flow around a rectangular obstacle in a prismatic channel. A high-resolution shock capturing solution algorithm is implemented to investigate all possible flow cases. Boundary conditions for various flow configurations are considered. Conservativeness, grid adaptivity and computational stability are investigated features of the code developed.