Female offenders’ attitudes towards gender and violence and their violence experiences: Sincan women’s prison

Barış, Gaye
This study aims at understanding gender discrimination and violence against women in the eyes of female offenders. Besides, underlying reasons for female offender’s violent crimes were tried to be explored to see whether there is a relationship between their imprisonment and their violence experiences. In line with these purposes, this study will seek to answer questions such as, who female offenders are, what female offenders’ attitudes towards gender based discrimination and gender based violence are, what the main reasons for their imprisonment are, whether there is a causal relationship between their violence experiences and their imprisonment. In order to answer the research questions, a filed study was conducted at Ankara Sincan Women’s Closed Prison. During the field study, a questionnaire was conducted on 134 female offenders, an in-depth interview was implemented on 22 female offenders convicted of violent crimes, and two focus group studies were conducted on two groups of female offenders. To the study findings, a great deal of female offenders is undereducated and economically dependent on men. Besides many female offenders are coming from oppressive patriarchal families living in poverty. It was found from the study results that female offenders have been reproducing gendered division of labor at home, conservative approach to female sexuality, and socially constructed link between honour and female sexuality. Besides, it is explored that a major part of female offenders stand against wife beating and in parallel with their stand against violence against women, many female offenders are prisoned due to killing their abusers.
Citation Formats
G. Barış, “Female offenders’ attitudes towards gender and violence and their violence experiences: Sincan women’s prison,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2015.