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Domestic arrangements of middle class Turkish families reproduced through home furnishing consumption practices

Yıldız Baba, Ebru
The purpose of this research is to understand home furnishing consumption practices of middle class Turkish families and the domestic arrangements of objects and participants reproduced through these practices. I utilized practice theory as the theoretical approach in order to discern the complexities and particularities of this context through the lens of practices. Moreover the bundling property of practices and arrangements in literature fits my purpose properly based on the inseparable relation between home furnishing consumption practices and domestic arrangements. This research is conducted on middle-class families in Çankaya region of Ankara/Turkey whose selection is rooted in an interest of theoretically grounded and empirically informed understanding of that context. The analysis based on three main dimensions as (1) practice (2) coexistence and (3) social order of people and things will illuminate the landscape of sociality experienced within informants’ homes and families. I utilized qualitative research methods namely in-depth interviews and participant observation for data collection purposes. The findings highlight practices employed by informants and peculiarities of domestic arrangements of their homes and families. Moreover their interactions with the market will be illuminated through practice theory viewpoints.