Bell-like inequalities in quantum information theory

Seskir, Zeki Can
Bell and Bell-like inequalities are essentil tools for identifying and inspecting quantum entanglement, a key phenomenon in quantum information theory. As the development of Quantum Information Theory progresses more and more Bell-like inequalities are formulated. An investigation of these and further inequalities will be given in their correspondences to Bell's and Kochen-Specker theorems. Also Hardy's test will be studied and particular applications of it for bipartitre and tripartite systems are going to be probed.


Quantum Information Approach to Correlations in Many-body Systems
Aksak, Çağan; Turgut, Sadi; Department of Physics (2022-9-21)
Quantum correlations are crucial features in both quantum information theory and many-body physics. Characterization and quantification of quantum correlations have delivered a rich body of work and helped to understand some quantum phenomena. Entanglement is a unique quantum correlation for which it is a resource in many quantum information tasks. Developed for quantification of entanglement, entanglement witness formalism is a remarkable tool in the quantum information toolkit. It can be deployed beyond t...
Quantum systems and representation theorem
Dosi, Anar (2013-09-01)
In this paper we investigate quantum systems which are locally convex versions of abstract operator systems. Our approach is based on the duality theory for unital quantum cones. We prove the unital bipolar theorem and provide a representation theorem for a quantum system being represented as a quantum -system.
Weight discrimination of boolean functions with quantum computation
Uyanık, Kıvanç; Turgut, Sadi; Department of Physics (2014)
In this thesis, we investigate solvability of the weight decision problem of two Boolean functions by quantum computation. In particular, we study this problem first from a general quantum operator discrimination perspective and second from a direct algorithmic viewpoint. As quantum operator discrimination approach is concerned, we give two different formulations for two different cases. In one, the unitary transformations that correspond to the function evaluation are applied in a parallel fashion and in t...
Comparison of multi-cavity arrays for on-chip WDM applications
Erdinç, Havva; Kocaman, Serdar; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2019)
Researches about the interaction of single atoms with electromagnetic field create the foundation of cavity quantum electrodynamics (CQED) technology. Microlasers, photon bandgap structures and quantum dot structures in cavities are the initial examples of Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics. This thesis is focused on the comparison of multi-cavity arrays for on-chip wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) applications in the weak coupling regime. Firstly, single QD embedded cavity (cavity QD EIT) and cavity-cavi...
Demonstration of quantum contextuality via Hardy Paradox
Yolsever, Yankı; Turgut, Sadi; Department of Physics (2022-9)
Quantum contextuality is one of the most fundamental foundations of Quantum Mechanics. In this thesis, we have examined the Hardy-type proof of quantum contextuality which is first developed by Lucien Hardy for quantum non-locality and later adapted to Quantum contextuality by Adan Cabello and his colleagues to 3-dimensional systems with a minimum of 5 observables. We have reformulated their method in terms of logical implications and adapted it to 4-dimensional and 5-dimensional systems with using fewer ob...
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Z. C. Seskir, “Bell-like inequalities in quantum information theory,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.