Evaluation of surface soil geochemical data and statistical modeling of akarca fula tepe low sulfidation epithermal au-ag mineralization (Bursa), Turkey

Bal, Derya
The Akarca property is dominated by Triassic sedimentary units that tectonically overlie Pre-Triassic basement rocks (schists and marbles). The property displays characteristics of a low sulfidation Au-Ag deposit type in terms of alteration, mineralization and vein textures. The Akarca property is characterized by six primary mineralized zones. Among these zones, Fula Tepe Zone formed the subject of this thesis. The main aim of this dissertation is to evaluate the results of surface soil geochemistry data and to create statistical model based upon indicator and pathfinder elements to generate new gold targets for further exploration in the mineralized zone. A geochemical dataset was obtained from 195 surface soil samples, which were evaluated using univariate and bivariate statistical methods. Seven elements, namely, Au, Ag, As, Hg, Sb, Se, and Te are considered. Descriptive statistics, histograms, and Q-Q plots reveal that Au, Ag, As, Hg, and Sb display non-normal distribution. Pearson correlation matrix identifies silver as the best indicator for gold. Gridding maps show that Au, Ag, As, Sb and Se have strong anomalies in the area. The strong gold anomalies nearly coincide with the strong silver anomalies at the center of area. As and Se appear to be enclosed to main Au anomalies. As and Se could therefore be used as pathfinder elements for prospecting gold. In order to identify new target zones, higher background population was separated from the datasets for Au and Ag. Consequently, new three gold targets were identified for further exploration.


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D. Bal, “Evaluation of surface soil geochemical data and statistical modeling of akarca fula tepe low sulfidation epithermal au-ag mineralization (Bursa), Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.