The Relations between Turkey and Gulf cooperation council countries in the 2000s

Palancı, Memet
Turkey’s relationship with the Gulf Arab States has gained momentum in the new millennium. There exists a wide range of arguments regarding the improvement of relations in political, economic and cultural fields and the factors leading to this development. In this study, the factors that shape the relations between Turkey and member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (the GCC) are analysed multidimensionally within the framework of domestic, regional and international factors as from the 2000s onwards. In this context, the policy assumed by AKP towards the Gulf Arab States, effects of new power balances emerging as a result of regional developments and reflections of the Middle East policy by the US in the new millennium over Turkey and the GCC countries relations are examined. Also, the effects of “Arab Uprising” process, which started in 2010, on relations between Turkey and the GCC countries are analysed.