Rehabilitation of water supply systems

Toğrul, Nevzat
Management of water supply systems by an economic and efficient way is a significant issue for water authorities. Selection and operation of water supply elements appropriately to satisfy water need affects the energy consumption of the system. This study aims to constitute a long term rehabilitation plan for water supply elements (only storage tanks, pumps and transmission line pipes are in the scope of the study). A case study has been performed on N8.3 pressure zone of Ankara water distribution network. By considering different combinations of these water supply elements, 168 different scenarios were created. By using genetic algorithm based software WaterCAD Darwin Scheduler, optimum pump schedules for each scenario were determined within the frame of target hydraulic performance requirements. The energy costs obtained according to these pump schedules were evaluated with the initial investment costs, repair and maintenance costs of the system elements used in the scenarios. A rehabilitation plan was introduced by performing cost analyses within the frame of economic life times of the system elements. The study also shows how the rehabilitation plan can be changed in case of unexpected population growth.
Citation Formats
N. Toğrul, “Rehabilitation of water supply systems,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.