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The impact of photovoltaic power plant penetration level on security constrained unit commitment and an approach for reducing curtailment of PV energy

Kahraman, Özgür
As a main rule of electricity grid, the balance of generation and demand must be maintained. The system operators execute “Unit Commitment (UC)” process in day-ahead market in order to fulfill this aim. The Security Constrained Unit Commitment (SCUC) algorithm creates optimal hourly schedules for generators with minimum total electricity generation cost considering the forecasted hourly demands for the next day and the generation offers while satisfying the constraints of generators and transmission system. In this thesis, SCUC considering PV power plants is studied. The increasing number of PV power plants and governmental regulations targeting 20% and above Renewable Energy Sources (RES) share of the total energy urge the analysis of the impact of large capacities of RES to electricity market and generation cost. Taking this as the main motivation, the SCUC algorithm is modified and applied on the IEEE 118 Bus Test System. The capacity of PV power plants and connection buses are determined using references from the literature, and the test system is modified by placing these plants to the relevant buses. Average and intermittent daily PV generation values are generated using the past solar irradiation measurements. The capacity and number of PV power plants are increased systematically. The SCUC algorithm is modified by adding PV characteristics and Curtailment Penalty Price (CPP), and the CPP impact on reducing curtailment of available PV energy is analyzed in a systematical way. The effect of large capacities of PV generation to the total electricity generation cost is evaluated by inspecting the committed PV generation and resulting curtailment of available PV energy through the case studies. Moreover, a method for reducing curtailment that increases the utilization of PV generation is introduced and the applicability is verified.