Examining marital satisfaction in binational marriages, from an ecosystem perspective

Tezer Yörük, Nihan
The aim of this dissertation is to examine marital satisfaction of binational couples from an ecosystems perspective. For this purpose, predictive role of personality, acculturation attitudes, and perceived social support as individual traits; conflict resolution styles, cultural distance and language skills as couple traits; demographics, received social support, societal reactions and relations with family of origin as contextual factors on marital satisfaction were investigated. This study involved Russian-Turkish and German-Turkish who the husbands were Turkish and wives were both Russian or German, living in Turkey, married at least for 6 months and wives could speak Turkish. The data were collected from 81 RussianTurkish, 63 German-Turkish, totally 144 binational couples. Marital satisfaction was assessed by Dyadic Adjustment Scale. The instruments utilized in order to assess IVs are: Multicultural Personality Questionnaire, Acculturation Attitudes Scale, Multiple Source of Perceived Social Support Inventory (MSPSS), Conflict Resolution Style Scale, Cultural Distance Scale, Language Proficiency Index, Social Network Questionnaire, Tangible and Information Support Questions, Negative Societal Reactions Index and Communication with Family of Origin Index. Actor-Partner Interdepence Model (APIM) was employed in the present study and predictive role of interactions were examine by multiple stepwise regression analysis. Results revealed that only husbands’ and wives’ scores on MSPSS from family, negative conflict resolution styles and negative societal reactions predicted both their own and partner’s marital satisfaction. The results supported three level for examining marital functioning. The findings of the study was discussed with the relevant literature. Implications for clinical applications and information for future studies were suggested.
Citation Formats
N. Tezer Yörük, “Examining marital satisfaction in binational marriages, from an ecosystem perspective,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2016.