Uncertainty quantification by using stochastic approach in pore volume calculation for geothermal reservoir

Gürel, Emrah
This study will present the application of a stochastic approach and experimental design techniques to a geologic system in order to quantify the uncertainty of pore volume estimations for a liquid dominated high temperature geothermal reservoir. The pore volume is a key element when defining the total resource available in the field. Alasehir geothermal reservoir pore volume uncertainty has been assessed. The uncertainties being addressed include geometry (top of reservoir and base of reservoir), reservoir continuity and porosity. Porosity of reservoir rocks (marble and schist) that are producing formations of Alasehir reservoir has been calculated using fractal analysis method. Thickness of the reservoir is obtained using drilling logs, seismic and resistivity data interpretations. Areal extent of the reservoir is obtained using reservoir temperature data obtained from static temperature logs of 25 previously drilled wells. Uncertainties were firstly characterized by standard deviations and then evaluated from the statistical distribution using Monte Carlo simulations. Placket and Burman design is performed with Minitab software using the significance at 95% confidence level and to identify the sensitivity of parameters on pore volume calculation. It has been found that porosity followed by the thickness and the area is most uncertain parameters that effect pore volume.


Thermal Anomaly and Alteration Mineral Mapping in İzmir Dikili Region by using ASTER and Investigation of the Geothermal Potential of the Region
Cambazoğlu, Selim; Yal, Gözde Pınar; Eker, Arif Mert; Koçkar, Mustafa Kerem; Osman, Şen; Akgün, Haluk (null; 2014-03-14)
This study encompasses the detection, mapping and validation of hydrothermal alteration types and minerals, surface temperature anomaly mapping utilizing remote sensing methods in order to assess the geothermal potential of the Dikili region. The study area covers Bergama, Dikili, Çandarlı and Altınova districts located at the northern part of İzmir Province where fumaroles and numerous thermal water outflows with temperatures between 63°C and 89°C are present. The study area is located at the northern part...
Numerical modeling of Edremit geothermal field
Günay, Emre; Karahanoğlu, Nurkan; Department of Geological Engineering (2012)
The purpose of this study is to examine the geothermal potential, sustainability, and reinjection possibility of Edremit geothermal field. In order to investigate this, a numerical model consisting of a hot and cold water aquifer system is established. A two dimensional cross sectional model is set to simulate this geothermal system. Different pressure and temperature values are applied to the nodes at the boundaries to perform a steady state calibration which minimizes the computed results and observed val...
Pseudo-steady state inflow performance relationship of reservoirs undergoing multiphase flow and different wellbore conditions
Al-Rbeawi, Salam (Elsevier BV, 2019-08-01)
This paper introduces an integrated approach for the inflow performance relationship of reservoirs that undergo multiphase flow conditions and drained by vertical wells with different wellbore conditions. The main objective is eliminating uncertainties that govern predicting reservoir performance by assuming single phase flow in the porous media. The proposed approach includes developing several models for multiphase flow conditions using PVT data and relative permeability curves. These models are assembled...
Numerical investigation of coupled heat and mass transfer inside the adsorbent bed of an adsorption cooling unit
Solmus, Ismail; Rees, D. Andrew S.; Yamali, Cemil; Baker, Derek Keıth; KAFTANOĞLU, BİLGİN (2012-05-01)
In this study, the influence of several design parameters on the transient distributions of temperature, pressure and amount adsorbed in the radial direction of a cylindrical adsorbent bed of an adsorption cooling unit using silica gel/water have been investigated numerically. For this purpose, a transient one-dimensional local thermal non-equilibrium model that accounts for both internal and external mass transfer resistances has been developed using the local volume averaging method. For the conditions in...
Calculation of the Thermodynamic Quantities for Cubic Gauche Nitrogen (cg-N)
Yurtseven, Hasan Hamit; Akay, O. (2022-01-01)
This work aims to investigate the thermodynamic properties of the cubic gauge nitrogen (cg-N) by calculating the relevant thermodynamic quantities as a functions of temperature and pressure. The thermodynamic quantities of volume (V), thermal expansion (alpha p), isothermal compressibility (kappa T), bulk modulus(B), and the heat capacity (Cp) are calculated as a function of temperature at constants pressures (0, 35, 125, 250 GPa) for the cg-N structure. Also, the pressure dependences of V, kappa T, alpha p...
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E. Gürel, “Uncertainty quantification by using stochastic approach in pore volume calculation for geothermal reservoir,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2015.