A proposal for an electronic commerce model for Turkey-organisational approach

Oğuz, Eser Deniz


A proposal for multi-channel power-line carrier telephony.
Yuksel, Onder; Department of Electrical Engineering (1964)
A proposal for ''correction values'' for winter outdoor design temperatures
Demirbilek, FN; Yener, C (1996-08-01)
This study aims to find a correlation between winter outdoor design temperature (WDT) and mass of the building envelope. The daily variations of the inside surface temperatures and heat fluxes of the walls under various climatic conditions and different wall constructions have been calculated by a computer program based on the response factor technique, which uses variable outside air temperature and solar radiation and constant inside air temperature values as input climatic data. The analysis of the relat...
A Proposal for an administrative structure for cultural heritage management in Turkey
Bozkurt, Ela; Serin, Ufuk; Department of Architecture (2017)
It is generally accepted that cultural heritage, a valuable, limited and non-renewable resource, is today subject to many pressures, including tourism. Globalization, rapid urbanization and the consequent development pressures, the demands and pace of modern society have all created an overwhelming appetite for new housing, which compete for the shrinking areas of urban land available, all combine to constitute an environmental threat to cultural heritage. To respond adequately to these threats, it has beco...
A proposal for the procedure of implementation of cim for a manufacturing company
Kılınç, İbrahim; Anlağan, Ömer; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1993)
A proposal for the preservation of a damaged traditional urban fabric at Hacıbayram-Ankara as a sub-study of the valid development plan
Mıhçıoğlu, Elif; Asatekin, Gül; Department of Restoration (1996)
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E. D. Oğuz, “A proposal for an electronic commerce model for Turkey-organisational approach,” Middle East Technical University, 2000.