First grade elementary school students’ feelings and perceptions of school

Çevikbaş, Seher
The objective of this study was to investigate first grade elementary school students’ feelings and perceptions of school. In line with this purpose, how students attending schools located in different SES neighborhoods perceived the school and what their feelings about school were as well as whether there was a change in students’ feelings and perceptions of school in fall and spring semesters were investigated. This qualitative phenomenological inquiry was carried out in three elementary schools in Ankara, Turkey. The participants selected through purposeful sampling were first grade students. Data of the study, which was conducted in two phases, was collected through students’ drawings and semi-structured interviews. In data collection process, 133 students in the first phase and 118 students in the second phase drew pictures of the school concept in their mind. Moreover, semi-structured interviews were carried out with 52 students in the fall semester, and 30 students in the spring semester. The whole data was analyzed through content analysis to enable in-depth understanding of the phenomena studied. The results of the study indicated that students mainly perceived school as a playground where they could play with their friends. It was also found out that they perceived school as a social environment where they could make new friends and become socialized as well as have good relations with their teachers and peers. Moreover, it was concluded that they perceived school as a nice place and physical environment. However, it was found that school was perceived as a learning environment by a limited number of students. Also the results of the study showed that some of the students had negative feelings about school and perceived school as an unfriendly environment.


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S. Çevikbaş, “First grade elementary school students’ feelings and perceptions of school,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.