A New MEMS approach for spırometers

Habibiabad, Sahar
Measurement of breathing parameters is necessary for a variety of applications ranging from respiration monitoring to breathing-related diseases. In this respect, spirometry is one of the most common techniques used for Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) patients to detect the type and extent of the lung malfunctions by monitoring the exhaled or inhaled air. The efforts in this work have been focused on the miniaturization of turbine-based spirometers using MEMS (Micro-electromechanical Systems) technology for accurate spirometry analysis, improved portability, integration with portable electronics, and lower device cost. Accordingly, this thesis presents the design, simulation, and fabrication of the first turbine-based MEMS spirometer. This work will also enable seamless integration of the MEMS spirometer with cell phones for patient self-monitoring, as opposed to previous ndemonstrations of larger spirometer modules.


Fabrication of zeolite modified Cu doped ZnO films and their response towards nitrogen monoxide
Karaduman, Irmak; Çorlu, Tuğba; Galioğlu, Sezin; Akata Kurç, Burcu; Yıldırım, Memet Ali; Ateş, Aytünç; Acar, Selim (null; 2017-05-04)
Breath analysis represents a promising non-invasive, fast and cost-effective alternative to well-established diagnostic and monitoring techniques such as blood analysis, endoscopy, ultrasonic and tomographic monitoring. Portable, non-invasive, and low-cost breath analysis devices are becoming increasingly desirable for monitoring different diseases, especially asthma. Beacuse of this, NO gas sensing at low concentrations has attracted progressive attention for clinical analysis in asthma. Recently, nanomate...
A new outlier detection method based on convex optimization: application to diagnosis of Parkinson's disease
TAYLAN, PAKİZE; Yerlikaya-Ozkurt, Fatma; Bilgic Ucak, Burcu; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm (Informa UK Limited, 2020-12-01)
Neuroscience is a combination of different scientific disciplines which investigate the nervous system for understanding of the biological basis. Recently, applications to the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's disease have become very promising by considering different statistical regression models. However, well-known statistical regression models may give misleading results for the diagnosis of the neurodegenerative diseases when experimental data contain outlier observations that l...
Model development for evaluating remediation of contaminated sediments: PCBs and PBDEs as cases for halogenated hydrophobic organics
Karakaş, Filiz; İmamoğlu, İpek; Department of Environmental Engineering (2016)
Understanding fate and transport (F&T) of halogenated hydrophobic organic compounds (HOCs) in sediments is a major concern and is imperative for their sound environmental management. This study aims to model the F&T of HOCs in sediments as individual compounds, and by taking into account anaerobic dehalogenation (AD). For this purpose, F&T of hydrophobic pollutant (FTHP) model is developed. As distinct from the literature, this model predicts future concentration of HOCs both as individual compounds and as ...
A Semantic Transformation Methodology for the Secondary Use of Observational Healthcare Data in Postmarketing Safety Studies
Pacaci, Anil; Gonul, Suat; Sinaci, A. Anil; Yuksel, Mustafa; Laleci Erturkmen, Gokce B. (Frontiers Media SA, 2018-4-30)
Background: Utilization of the available observational healthcare datasets is key to complement and strengthen the postmarketing safety studies. Use of common data models (CDM) is the predominant approach in order to enable large scale systematic analyses on disparate data models and vocabularies. Current CDM transformation practices depend on proprietarily developed Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) procedures, which require knowledge both on the semantics and technical characteristics of the source datasets an...
An application for continuous behavioral health monitoring and delivering digital personalized behavior change interventions
Başkaya, Mert; Çiçekli, Fehime Nihan; Department of Computer Engineering (2021-12-10)
In this thesis, a continuous behavioral health monitoring architecture is developed for chronic disease patients with a mobile application, a health data ingestion stack and a rule-based intervention engine. The mobile application is used for medical device integration and activity tracking. End-users also have interfaces to check their care plan activities, their adherence performances for them and to receive and configure motivational interventions and reminders about their activities. The ingestion stack...
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S. Habibiabad, “A New MEMS approach for spırometers,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.