The Perceptions of pre-service ELT teachers on different modes of peer feedback and its relation to teacher efficacy /

İnce, Burtay Hatice
The purpose of this study was to find out the perceptions of pre-service ELT teachers on different modes of feedback (i.e. written and oral peer feedback) and its relation to teacher efficacy. For this reason, a mixed-method design was used in order to answer different research questions. EFL Teacher Efficacy Scale (ETES) was used in order to find out efficacy levels of pre-service teachers before and after they were given different modes of peer feedback. E-journals and semi-structure group interviews were also used to identify the perceptions of pre-service teachers on peer feedback. Quantitative data obtained from ETES scale were analyzed through using inferential statistics regarding the research questions. Qualitative data were analyzed through content analysis. The findings of the study suggested that peer feedback has a powerful impact on teacher efficacy of pre-service teachers, regardless of the mode it was given.However, it was reported that oral peer feedback provided a more effective impact on their teacher efficacy when compared to written peer feedback. No significant difference was found between two groups before and after being subjected to peer feedback in terms of their teacher efficacy. Both groups had higher levels of positive attitudes towards peer feedback and regarded peer feedback as objective and reliable, yet they both had concerns about negative feedback delivery. They experienced similar challenges throughout the process, expressed similar benefits of peer feedback and similar attitudes about employing feedback in their future career.


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B. H. İnce, “The Perceptions of pre-service ELT teachers on different modes of peer feedback and its relation to teacher efficacy /,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2016.