A Study on particle filter based audio-visual face tracking on the AV16.3 dataset

Yılmaz, Yunus Emre
People tracking has received considerable attention as a research field recently. Since, there are a wide range of application areas that requires to track single or multi target people in different environments with various scenarios using a variety of sensors. In this kind of tracking scenarios, usage of audio and visual information together is commonly preferred method, because these cues are mostly exist in the tracking environment and they contain complementary information about the targets. Our work focuses on particle filter based Bayesian tracking method that fuses location estimates obtained from audio and video data separately for indoor and crowded environments. Surveillance, video-conferencing and security are main examples of application areas for this kind of tracking scenario. In our work, particle filter based trackers are implemented with number of different configurations in order to nvestigate possible gains from including audio data to the tracking problem instead using only visual data. In these implementations, comprehensive experiments are conducted using the AV16.3 dataset. Usage of this dataset makes possible to compare our results with other works from the literature. Also, this dataset covers a variety of tracking situations (e.g. occlusions and rapid movements of persons) which can be encountered in realistic scenarios, making the results more useful. Our results indicates that no significant gains are possible when multiple cameras are used except when there are serious optical occlusions.


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Y. E. Yılmaz, “A Study on particle filter based audio-visual face tracking on the AV16.3 dataset,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.