Base-promoted synthesis of new diazepine derivatives via alkyne cyclization

Baskın, Dılgeş
A new methodology was developed for the synthesis of dipyrromethane and diazepine derivatives. In the first section of this thesis, synthesis of various dipyrromethanes from aromatic aldehydes was carried out. Dipyrromethanes were used as starting materials for the next step. In the second part of the study, introduction of a propargyl group to nitrogen atom to one of pyrrole units of dipyrromethane gave the expected mono-propargylated compounds which were the key compounds for further cyclization reactions. Base-supported cyclization resulted in the formation of the target compounds, new diazepine derivatives, via metal-free 7-exo-dig cyclization.
Citation Formats
D. Baskın, “Base-promoted synthesis of new diazepine derivatives via alkyne cyclization,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.