Internal and external alignment of the material adaptation and development education given by an EFL teacher education program in Turkey /

Tekir, Serpil
The aim of the study was two-fold: first, to investigate to what extent the instructional materials education given by an EFL Teacher Education program at a state university in central Turkey is aligned to the explicit policies and standards set at macro level; second, to analyse the internal alignment among the written, taught, learned and tested curricula of the teacher education program with respect to the instructional materials education being given. With these purposes, the study adopted a multi-phase case study approach. In Phase I, data were collected from policy documents and from 19 veteran EFL teachers working at K-12 schools through semi-structured interview method. Using the data, an alignment matrix was formed. In Phase II, the extent the teacher education program is aligned with the explicit standards and policy was calculated through Porter’s alignment index. Through surveys, 57 pre-service teachers and 3 teacher educators evaluated instructional material related competences of pre-service teachers. In Phase III, to explore internal alignment of the instructional materials education, qualitative data were collected through curricular documents, semi-structured interviews with 3 teacher educators and focus group interviews with 21 pre-service teachers. The data were analysed through curriculum mapping method. The findings suggested that the instructional materials education is considerably aligned to the external standards and policy, and the curriculum map indicated a moderate internal alignment.. At the end of the study, a revised framework of teaching competences and constructive alignment method was suggested.


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S. Tekir, “Internal and external alignment of the material adaptation and development education given by an EFL teacher education program in Turkey /,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2016.