Understanding female domestic workers’ daily mobilities: a case study in Ankara

Kara, Hilal
This thesis analyzes female urban practices, their mobility patterns and their urban perception emphasizing domestic labour. Regarding conventional wisdom which domestic labour relates to private sphere, female domestic labour has been considered as “invisible”; however, this thesis investigates female domestic workers’ visibility in the public sphere and spatiality in the city because female domestic labour may be seen as the most suitable site to observe all new forms of class and production of spaces. Considering Turkey’s on-going economic, political structure and cultural/politcal attitude toward women, to discuss female domestic workers and their daily practices across the city have ever been so noteworthy. Drawing on qualitative research in Ankara, Turkey through in-depth interviews, this thesis will attempt to investigate urban and spatial practices of women in domestic labour by tracking their daily mobilities. By following 32 women’s urban and daily mobility patterns, their urban stories will be narrated and examined.
Citation Formats
H. Kara, “Understanding female domestic workers’ daily mobilities: a case study in Ankara,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2016.