Early childhood pre-service teachers’ development of teaching dispositions and practices

Buldu, Metehan
Knowledge and skills are necessary to teach a specific subject for a teacher but they do not assure effective implementation without possession and teacher education stakeholders must take into account all components of the teaching process, including pre-service teachers’ professional teaching disposition. (Almerico, Johnston, Henriott & Shapiro, 2011). The current study aimed to explore the changes in the development of perceived dispositions of pre-service Early Childhood Education influenced by student teaching experience. A framework of convergent mixed methods research design was used as a guide to collect the data of study. The participants were 86 pre-service teachers from the Department of Early Childhood Education at a public university in Ankara, 14 university supervisors responsible for the student teaching experience, and 86 cooperating teachers from public and private schools who were assigned to pre-service teachers during their student teaching experience. The results of the study showed that pre-service Early Childhood Education (ECE) teachers’ perceived dispositions increased after their student teaching experience. To validate the outcome of the student teacher results, Teacher Disposition Index, which was applied to the pre-service teachers, was conducted with both the cooperating teachers of the pre-service ECE teachers and their university supervisors; and both cooperating teachers’ and university supervisors’ evaluations showed that pre-service ECE teachers’ teaching dispositions increased after the student teaching experience. The findings of the study have implications for pre-service teachers and teacher education program stakeholders in recognizing the importance of disposition development through student teaching experience.


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M. Buldu, “Early childhood pre-service teachers’ development of teaching dispositions and practices,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2016.