Post-paleogene stress distribution in the Bartın-Ulus-Safranbolu Basins, Western pontides, Turkey

Bengü, Emre
The thesis addresses the post-Paleogene tectonic evolution of the Bartın-UlusSafranbolu basins in Western Pontides. The study area is bounded by Black Sea from north, Sünnice Massif from west, Kargı Massif from east, and by Cretaceous ophiolitic mélanges and the North Anatolian Fault from south. These basins are separated from each other by the two main faults, namely, Bartın and Karabük faults. Four structural domains are defined, based on lithostratigraphic differences and bounding major faults, to figure out the the structural picture. The structural and kinematic analyses were done by means of structural elements; three hundred ninety bedding plane attitudes were analyzed with ROCKWORKS 2017™ and fourty one fault-slip lineation data were analyzed with WINTENSOR 5.8.5™ to determine paleostress directions. For Bartın and Ulus basins general trend of beds are 0550N. However, for Safranbolu basin, general bedding trend is 0850N. The central domain (Ulus Basin) of the area bounded by Karabük and Bartın Faults is intensely folded and faulted, compared to other domains of the study area. Paloestress analysis point out that, the studied area, which was under regionwide NW-SE compression since Late Cretaceous, was under NNW-SSE to NE-SW compression. The structural analysis done for each domain manifests clockwise or counter clockwise rotations of 20 degree for the region.  
Citation Formats
E. Bengü, “Post-paleogene stress distribution in the Bartın-Ulus-Safranbolu Basins, Western pontides, Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2017.