PHP applications, K-wave simulations and experimental studies for medical ultrasound

Kulga, Utku Baran
This study has three parts related to theoretical calculations, numerical simulations and experimental studies in the field of medical ultrasound. The goal of the first part is to prepare computer codes for the education of biomedical engineering students. For this purpose, a series of computer applications is prepared using the hypertext preprocessor (PHP) programming language. Accessing the associated internet address, the students will be able to learn the basics of ultrasound using the interactive, visual, cost-effective infrastructure of the developed computer applications. Snell’s Law, Reflection and Transmission Characteristics of Ultrasound, Attenuation Phenomenon, Pressure Wave, Power Intensity Concepts, Doppler Effect, Piezoelectric Materials, Near and Far Field Calculations, Transducer Design, A-Mode and B-Mode Ultrasound, Effects of Frequency and Tissue Types can be studied by means of these applications. The second part includes simulation studies made for the calculation of ultrasound waves in biological tissues. In these simulations, an open source acoustic toolbox for MATLAB (k-Wave) is used. The accuracy and speed in solutions are assessed using simple sources and body geometries. The third part is on the experimental studies. Experiments are conducted using an ultrasound system that employs a 16-channel phased array ultrasound transducer. Ultrasound phantoms are developed and used to acquire pulse-echo signals. The same geometry and acoustic properties of the phantom are used to acquire one-dimensional pulse echo signals in the PHP application and in the K-Wave simulations. The similarities and differences in the signals obtained from the PHP application, K-Wave simulation, and experimental studies are discussed. Keywords: 


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U. B. Kulga, “PHP applications, K-wave simulations and experimental studies for medical ultrasound,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2017.