3D indirect shape retrieval based on hand interaction

Irmak, Erdem Can
In this thesis, a novel 3D indirect shape analysis method is presented which successfully retrieves 3D shapes based on the hand-object interaction. In the first part of the study, the human hand information is processed and trans- ferred to the virtual environment by Leap Motion Controller. Position and rotation of the hand, the angle of the finger joints are used for this part in our method. Also, in this approach, a new type of feature, which we call inter- action point, is introduced. These interaction points are placed on the digital hand model and indicate whether the hand touches the 3D shape or not. In the second part, every 3D shape is represented by feeding hand features to the Support Vector Machine. Experiments validate that Support Vector Machine results are usable for retrieval of 3D shapes. Moreover, we compared the re- trieval performance of our method with an interaction based indirect method based on Data Glove as well as a direct method based on 3D shape distri- bution histograms. These comparison revealed different advantages of our method, which are i) being lower-cost compared to Data Glove, and ii) being more discriminative compared to a direct approach. The main contribution of this thesis is threefold: i) Noisy and/or deficient 3d shapes can be retrieved ii) The retrieval is not affected by the alignment of shape iii) Performance of the method is independent of the polygon count of the shape.
Citation Formats
E. C. Irmak, “3D indirect shape retrieval based on hand interaction,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2017.