Modeling and code generation for a reference software architecture for naval platform command and control systems

Turhan, Nafiye Kübra
Many software teams who work in a particular domain develop software products compliant with a specific Reference Software Architecture. By adopting a Reference Software Architecture within an organization, software development schedule tend to shorten, efficiency of software development process and quality of software product tend to increase. Architectures of all application software that are developed by Sea Defense Systems Software Team are created based on a predefined Reference Software Architecture named Sea Defense Systems Reference Software Architecture (DSS-RSA). In this thesis, we propose a Model Driven Engineering approach to enforce the Reference Software Architecture and to facilitate the process of transition from architectural design of application software to implementation. In this approach, we create a metamodel for describing DSS-RSA. Then, we define a domain specific graphical modeling language based on the metamodel. In the last stage, models that are created by using the domain specific graphical modeling language are automatically transformed to skeleton code. The approach has been evaluated on a case study.