Finite element analysis and tests of composite beams with fiber bragg grating sensors under torsional load for structural health monitoring applications

Karataş, Cansu
In this thesis, feasibility of Fiber Bragg Grating sensors for Structural Health Monitoring applications of composite structures is studied. The method and essentials for the manufacturing process of composite beams with embedded Fiber Bragg Grating sensors are presented. Composite beams instrumented with surface bonded and embedded Fiber Bragg Grating sensors are tested under static torsional load. In addition, Finite Element Analyses of composite beams under torsional load is conducted using the commercial finite element code ABAQUS®. Subsequently, the results obtained from the tests and from the Finite Element Analyses are compared to observe the consistency between the torque and shear strain results. Furthermore, as a case study, static torsion test of a composite beam equipped with both a strain gage and a Fiber Bragg Grating sensor is performed for the purpose of identifying the agreement between the shear strain results.