Conceptualization of positive pregnancy experience with the integration of mobile health technologies

Günay, Aslı
Traditional health management issues are being redefined with diverse mobile technologies, and smartphones and applications have taken the lead. Particularly, increasing numbers of pregnancy applications have entered the market with far- reaching benefits; yet, they fall short to be integrated into daily lives of pregnant women, which implies that mobile health (m-health) technologies should not be merely information providers, decision makers, or problem solvers. In fact, they should go beyond by making pregnant women feel happy and enhancing their wellness holistically. Certain benefits of and trends about m-health use during pregnancy have been exemplified in literature; however, detailed characteristics of them have not been identified. This dissertation identifies the changes in daily experiences of pregnant women, in general, and characteristics of mobile pregnancy technologies that can enhance their wellness and happiness, in specific, with a user research conducted with pregnant women in three different trimesters. The study involved the usage of a pregnancy application during six weeks, accompanying with multiple in-depth interviews with each pregnant woman. The results have shown that needs and expectations change according to different trimesters and pregnant women types. Correspondingly, positive user experience dimensions with mobile pregnancy technologies and their conceptual relationships, as well as content, interaction, appearance, and function related characteristics and scopes of mobile pregnancy technologies have been revealed paying attention to wellness dimensions during pregnancy. Moreover, feeding from the results of the study and positive psychology literature, design descriptions have been delivered that would focus on the wellness and happiness of different pregnant women.
Citation Formats
A. Günay, “Conceptualization of positive pregnancy experience with the integration of mobile health technologies,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2017.