The Effects of supervisor characteristics on therapists’ supervision experience

Gök, Ali Can
Supervision is a necessity and a core competency in licensure of psychotherapy practice. Research on common factors in supervision revealed supervisory working alliance as a distinguished factor independent from supervision model, treatment model, and treated population. Therefore, the current study aims to examine (1) the time course of supervision process (i.e. Supervisory Working Alliance, Negative Affect related to Supervision) from therapists’ point of view, (2) how the interaction of therapists’ and supervisors' personal characteristics (i.e. Schema Domain of Disconnection/Rejection, Schema Avoidance, and Schema Overcompensation) is associated with therapists' supervision process (i.e. Supervisory Working Alliance) after controlling for therapist-patient relationship (i.e. Perceived Client Difficulty). Forty-six therapists and 13 supervisors participated in the study. Therapists were sent e-mails for weekly surveys right after their supervision sessions for 13 consecutive weeks. Results illustrated that Supervisory Working Alliance showed an inverted u-shaped pattern; in contrast to a u-shaped pattern in Negative Affect related to Supervision. Moreover, in three separate multilevel moderation analyses; the interaction terms for Supervisor Disconnection/Rejection Schema Domain and Therapist Disconnection/Rejection Schema Domain, Supervisor Avoidance and Therapist Avoidance, Supervisor Compensation and Therapist Compensation were significant, indicating that when both supervisor and therapist have higher scores on Disconnection/Rejection Schema Domain, Avoidance, and Compensation, supervisory alliance as rated by therapists decreases.


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A. C. Gök, “The Effects of supervisor characteristics on therapists’ supervision experience,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2017.