Incorporation of DSSC in real time congestion management

Günay, Ramazan
Congestion became an inseparable part of power system operation, after deregulation of the monopolistic electric market. Presence of congestion causes rise of local market powers, and hence it is avoided during day-ahead planning. However, it is possible to encounter congestion during real-time operation because of the uncertain behavior of the loads. Although, the congestion can be detected in real-time, its management is not trivial as it requires change of topology or generation dispatch. This work proposes a real-time congestion management method with the help of Distributed Static Series Compensators (DSSCs). DSSC is a Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS), which can alter the series impedance of transmission line it is connected, and communicate between each other and a master controller. Although number of installed DSSCs is very low for the time-being, it is expected that DSSCs will be populate rapidly for power flow control thanks to its high reliability, fast response time and low cost advantages. This thesis firstly introduces a method for optimal placement of DSSCs to obtain system controllability. Then an algorithm is developed to control the considered power system with DSSCs in real time. The algorithm aims to control power flow to avoid congestions and to minimize system losses. The proposed methods are validated using numerical examples.
Citation Formats
R. Günay, “Incorporation of DSSC in real time congestion management,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.