A study on energy trapping parameters of a multistable elastic beam

Zembilören, Ahmet
Energy absorbing systems are being widely used in personnel protection, packaging of special products, aircraft and land vehicles and in many other industries as impact absorbers. Conventional energy absorbing systems absorb impact energy usually by undergoing plastic deformation and thus cannot be reused. A multistable elastic tilted beam can lock in (trap) strain energy when exposed to an impact and can fully recover after unloading. This fully reversible cycle allows repetitive usage of the system for many times. In this study, factors effecting energy-trapping capacity of an elastic tilted beam are determined by using finite element method (FEM). A 2D planar beam is modeled with the commercial finite element program ABAQUS. Geometrical and topological parameters defining the model are varied and many finite element runs are conducted to determine the energy trapping capacity of the beam while keeping the volume of the beam constant. Optimum beam dimensions, tilt angle and geometry are found. The objective of this study is to determine the parameters of the tilted beam yielding to the maximum energy trapping while using the same amount of material.


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Yalçınkaya, Tuncay; Geers, M.G.D. (IOP Publishing, 2009-11-16)
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SHAFEE, SINA; Yozgatlıgil, Ahmet (2018-03-01)
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A. Zembilören, “A study on energy trapping parameters of a multistable elastic beam,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.