A Study on sparse array configurations for ultra-wideband imaging applications

Çetin, Beyzat Talat
The increased number of terror attacks and crimes have grown a demand for enhancing public security systems. In this sense reliable, cost effective, fast and physically non-hazardous imaging systems should be designed. Multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO)arrayswithultra-wideband(UWB)technologyoffersgreatadvantageousfor shortrangeimagingapplicationssuchasconcealedweapondetection(CWD).Inthis thesis, it is aimed to develop a design tool for MIMO array structures to be used in UWB, near-field (NF) imaging applications. The analyses starts with examination of one-way arrays for better understanding of the nature of UWB arrays. Then, continues with the derivation of point spread function (PSF) for UWB MIMO arrays as a decisive performance parameter. Simulation results of different MIMO array structures that are shared in the literature are examined with derived PSF expression in order to prove the validity of this method. Effects of large operational bandwidth, range to the target and location of the target on observation plane on performance of the array are discussed. Finally, a MIMO array structure to be used in airports for concealed weapon detection is proposed.
Citation Formats
B. T. Çetin, “A Study on sparse array configurations for ultra-wideband imaging applications,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.