Drone supported pre-scan optimal active suspension for 8x8 vehicle

Sancar, Alpay
In today’s world, the number and the usage area of the drones are getting increased rapidly from day to day. On the other hand, despite the fact that air vehicles will probablyshapethefuture,thegroundvehiclesalsowillstayessentialatleastasmuch astoday. Inthisstudy,thesetwoseparatedsystems;thedroneandthe8x8landvehicle are considered to work together to solve a problem; personnel comfort for the drastic terrain conditions. A simulation , which includes a quadrotor, which is carrying a laser system for road scanning and a 8x8 full car model with an active suspension system,iscreated. Thestudystartswiththemodelingandsimulationofthequadrotor and then continues with the modeling and simulation of the 8x8 vehicle model. For eachmodel,developingtherelatedcontroltheoriesarethethirdstepandthefinalstep is integration of the models in a simulation world and generation of the scenarios in order to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of co-working drone and vehicle system. The8x8vehicleisconsideredtousetheroaddistributioninformation,which comes from the drone that is flying in front of the vehicle and commanded by the vehicle. On the other hand, the active suspension of the vehicle is optimized by the information provided by the drone.
Citation Formats
A. Sancar, “Drone supported pre-scan optimal active suspension for 8x8 vehicle,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.