Comparison of 2D and 3D models in application to long wave motion and its interaction with a vertical wall

Çınar, Gizem Ezgi
Tsunami-structure interaction is an important issue in the design of coastal structures. Numerical modeling of the tsunami-structure interaction has a vital importance in this manner to understand the behavior of the long wave motion around structures in a more detailed way. In this study, physical model experiments on solitary wave-vertical wall interaction performed by Arikawa (2015) are numerically studied using two-dimensional depth-averaged non-linear shallow water equations model, NAMI DANCE and three-dimensional Navier-Stokes models, IHFOAM solver of OpenFOAM and CADMAS-SURF/3D. Using Navier-Stokes models, turbulence modeling is addressed with k-ε and k-ω-SST turbulence models in comparison with laminar flow assumption to investigate the effect of turbulence models. The results of the numerical models are compared with the experimental data considering the time series of water surface elevations and water particle velocities.