Investigation of the effect of bit grinding on the cost effective down the hole drilling in open pit mines

Gürkan Yıldız, Tuğçe
The major issue during the life of the mines are to be able to carry out effective and economic operations. Drilling activities comprises the significant amount of the production cost in surface mining and it may be the only controllable one among all other costs. From this point of view, cost effective operations become the main concern in the mines. In this study, effects of bit grinding operation on the cost effective down the hole drilling are analyzed in detail to introduce this concept to the modern mining world. Economic impacts of this operation were investigated in two open pit mines by considering the operational conditions. In these two mines, the trials of the bits in the sample set were performed without grinding operation and then the reground bits were used in the same study area. The mineralogical and petrographical results of the formations helped to interpret the differences in the bit life and drillability when all other operational conditions are the same. Based on the operational costs and the life of the consumables, not only monetary achievements but also achievements in the cost per meter and bit life were determined. As a result, it is concluded that the bit grinding operation decreases the drilling costs and amount of used bits and increases the effectiveness of the whole operation.