Routing for post-disaster needs assessment to improve information accuracy and precision

Pamukçu, Duygu
Obtaining reliable information in post-disaster needs assessment depends on how much time is spent for sampling to collect information and how many different beneficiary groups are visited. Estimated information on the needs is an input for subsequent relief distribution, so accuracy and precision of the estimation directly effects the efficiency of relief operations. Since the total time to visit affected sites and to collect information from each site is limited, an efficient routing scheme is important toperformeffectiveneedsassessment. Motivatedbythis,wedefinethePost-Disaster Needs Assessment Routing Problem, where the decisions of which sites to visit, in what sequence to perform these visits, and how much time to spend to collect information in each site are made, subject to a total needs assessment time constraint. We formulate a mixed integer program and propose a tabu search heuristic to obtain near-optimal solutions. Our solution approaches are tested on randomly generated instances and a case study based on the 2011 Van Earthquake.
Citation Formats
D. Pamukçu, “Routing for post-disaster needs assessment to improve information accuracy and precision,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.