An Assessment of big data policies and big data maturity in public administration in Turkey

Okuyucu, Aras
Governments have been the largest data collectors since the beginning of their existence. For this reason, big data applications play an important role in public administration. This thesis aims to assess big data policies and big data maturity in public administration in Turkey. In the study, a literature analysis was performed first to understand the use of big data in public administration. In the light of the analysis, big data maturity models were then examined to inform the development of big data policies. Using the country samples, a review was carried out on the big data application areas, so a framework for big data analysis was drawn. Turkey has a long tradition of data collection; it is also a developing country in terms of the use of information technologies in public administration. Therefore, this work initialy researched the historical development of big data policies in Turkey. After this discussion, a selected big data maturity assessment model was applied to Turkey’s case to answer where Turkey is in its e- transformation process, and suggestions were made to improve big data applications.


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A. Okuyucu, “An Assessment of big data policies and big data maturity in public administration in Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.