Negative bending of strain hardening curved beam in the elastoplastic states of stress

Çakır, Gamze
This thesis is mainly focused on comparative seismic assessment of bridges with multi-colum pier bent and hammerhead pier under soft to stiff soil conditions. Soil and structure interaction (SSI) plays a vital role in bridge engineering as SSI on buildings and SSI on bridges. Moreover, bridges with tall piers having high aspect ratios are chosen in order to investigate the effects of rocking. The scope of this thesis is limited to symmetrical bridges having high aspect ratios. SSI in bridges is taken into consideration. In order to examine the interaction between soil and bridge, soil is modelled by three types of springs which work for sliding, rocking and shear of the foundation as well as force-displacement relationships of backfill including radiation damping. These springs are taken from Beam on Nonlinear Winkler Foundation Model. After modelling the soil, bridge models are chosen from real life in order to observe the effects of soil and structure interaction realistically. The analyses are conducted under loose, medium dense and dense sand.