Promoting and investigating pre-service middle school mathematics teachers' TPACK-practical development in the context of an undergraduate course

Koştur, Merve
The purpose of the study was to enhance and investigate the technological pedagogical content knowledge-practical (TPACK-P) development of pre-service middle school mathematics teachers (PMTs) through the Technology Use in Mathematics Education (TUME) course aiming TPACK-P development in three pedagogical domains: Assessment, Planning and Design, and Enactment. TUME course was designed and implemented based on four principles driven from the TPACK and TPACK-P frameworks which were transformative approach, collaborative learning, activity-supported learning, and practice-based learning. Following the single case study methodology, TPACK-P levels of 11 PMTs were determined from pre-questionnaires, initial and final technology-integrated lesson plans, observations, researcher’s field notes, micro-teaching, peer and self-assessments, and semi-structured post-interviews. PMTs’ beginning TPACK-P in Assessment domain and Planning and Design domain was detected at level 1, the Lack of Use Level. PMTs’ TPACK-P levels increased from level 1 to higher levels in all three domains. According the their TPACK-P developments, PMTs were placed in three groups which were Mostly Simple Adoption Group, Mostly Infusive Application Group, and Mostly Reflective Application Group corresponding to levels 2, 3, and 4, respectively. Findings showed that the TUME course was effective in promoting PMTs’ TPACK-P development. Participants’ knowledge and practices in each group were narrated to provide a holistic picture of their progress and TPACK-P levels. The principles, design, and implementation details of practice-based and content-specific the TUME course were explicitly reported for researchers to be able to implement the course in teacher education programs to develop and assess PMTs’ TPACK-P.
Citation Formats
M. Koştur, “Promoting and investigating pre-service middle school mathematics teachers’ TPACK-practical development in the context of an undergraduate course,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2018.