Biopolymer modified polypropylene mesh for hernia treatment

Akbaba, Sema
Displacement of a tissue through any aperture on the abdominal wall is defined as hernia. Only effective treatment of hernia is surgery, in which an intraperitoneal mesh or membrane is placed to support defected tissue. Ideal intraperitoneal implant should both promote regeneration and prevent intraperitoneal adhesions. Consequently, aim of this thesis was to develop a 3-layered intraperitoneal patch which has immunomodulatory, regenerative and anti-adhesive properties. For this purpose, polypropylene mesh was modified with anti-adhesive pullulan (PUL) hydrogel layer and immunomodulatory electrospun fibroin: chitosan oligosaccharide lactate layer (F: COS). Anti-adhesive potential of PUL hydrogel was tested by cell viability of fibroblasts and 25% (w/v) PUL hydrogel successfully prevented cell adhesion. Furthermore, mechanical testing and degradation revealed that hydrogels with higher than 25% (w/v) concentration would result in inefficient cross-linking whereas water uptake and dimensional change revealed that hydrogels lower than 25% (w/v) concentration were impractical. Additionally, effect of different F: COS ratios on immunomodulatory and regenerative properties of electrospun layer was investigated. Regenerative potential was assessed by cell viability of fibroblasts while immunomodulatory property was determined by the amount of nitric oxide produced by seeded RAW 264.7 macrophage cells. Cell viability assay revealed that electrospun F: COS 90:10 (w/w) was ideal for cell attachment and proliferation. Electrospun F: COS 90:10 (w/w) was shown to reduce amount of nitric oxide produced by macrophage cells. Based on in vitro results, it was concluded that intraperitoneal patch composed of PP mesh within 25% (w/v) PUL hydrogel with F: COS 90:10 (w/w) electrospun layer on one side holds promise for treatment of hernia and prevention of intraperitoneal adhesions.
Citation Formats
S. Akbaba, “Biopolymer modified polypropylene mesh for hernia treatment,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.