The Critic of liberal approach towards JDP

Erden, Özgür Olgun
This study examines the analyses and arguments of three major intellectual groups, which is termed as liberal, conservative-Islamist, and leftist-liberal and/or liberal-leftist, concerning the JDP and Islamism. Based on in-depth interviews which was made with these intellectual groups, it investigates the reasons why these groups have taken a critical stance against the JDP and its power after a certain period while supporting the JDP since its foundation. The inquiry endeavors to do two things. The first interrogates why these two contrary position and attitude emerged and upon what they were based. The second makes a critic of these intellectual group’s approach towards the JDP, in the light of my own perspective which was developed in the course of investigating what the approach behind the mentioning position and attitude change is. For that, all these have been relied on two fundamental things. One is a far-reaching inquiry and debate of literature. Other is in-depth interviews made with those who have been situated in the foregoing intellectual groups. On the basis of these literature and in-depth interviews, the study tries to put forward these intellectual groups’ approach, expressed as liberal, in line with the literature and the answers which have taken in in-depth interviews. It also develops a perspective that allows a critique of the interviewees’ approach. It makes a critic of these intellectual groups’ approach through this perspective.
Citation Formats
Ö. O. Erden, “The Critic of liberal approach towards JDP,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2018.