A neural network approach for classification of mental disorders

Türkkan, Koral


A Bayesian Approach to Learning Scoring Systems
Ertekin Bolelli, Şeyda (2015-12-01)
We present a Bayesian method for building scoring systems, which are linear models with coefficients that have very few significant digits. Usually the construction of scoring systems involve manual efforthumans invent the full scoring system without using data, or they choose how logistic regression coefficients should be scaled and rounded to produce a scoring system. These kinds of heuristics lead to suboptimal solutions. Our approach is different in that humans need only specify the prior over what the ...
A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Age of Information in Multi-User Networks
Ceran Arslan, Elif Tuğçe; Gunduz, Deniz; Gyorgy, Andras (2018-01-01)
Scheduling the transmission of time-sensitive data to multiple users over error-prone communication channels is studied with the goal of minimizing the long-term average age of information (AoI) at the users under a constraint on the average number of transmissions. The source can transmit only to a single user at each time slot, and after each transmission, it receives an instantaneous ACK/NACK feedback from the intended receiver, and decides on when and to which user to transmit the next update. The optim...
A statistical approach to quality control in service industries
Yüksel, Nurer; Erdem, İsmail; Department of Statistics (1991)
A statistical approach for examining internet traffic and delay characteristics of UDP packets
Sevgi, Cüneyt; Baykal, Buyurman; Department of Information Systems (2003)
An Information Theoretical Approach for Molecular Communication
Atakan, Baris; Akan, Oezguer B. (2007-12-13)
Molecular communication is a novel communication paradigm which allows nanomachines to communicate using molecules as a carrier. Controlled molecule delivery between two nanomachines is one of the most important challenges which must be addressed to enable the molecular communication. Therefore, it is essential to develop an information theoretical approach to find out molecule delivery capacity of the molecular channel. In this paper, we develop an information theoretical approach for capacity of a molecul...
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K. Türkkan, “A neural network approach for classification of mental disorders,” Middle East Technical University, 1999.