Development of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) based topology optimization codes in OpenFOAM

Şenol, Niyazi
Optimization has been commonly used by engineers in industry to design and fabricate products efficiently, since it has a great impact on the performance. The recent decades have witnessed an important amount of work in design optimization in structural mechanics. However, topology optimization is less commonly used in fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and thermal-fluid flow problems, especially this thesis aimed to improve its effects on those areas. This work is also dedicated to develop open source codes for topology optimization of different cases. Investigated cases are ducted flow case, pure heat conduction case, elbow flow case, and thermal-fluid flow case. Optimization is also interdisciplinary area that combines various engineering branches and mathematics. In this work different types of topology optimization using adjoint method problems are also investigated. Codes are developed in OpenFOAM environment and added to thesis for researchers willing to improve them. Various libraries of OpenFOAM are used to develop solvers. Also parallel computing study of one of the cases in the thesis is examined in OpenFOAM.
Citation Formats
N. Şenol, “Development of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) based topology optimization codes in OpenFOAM,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2018.