Materials properties of contemporary solid bricks and their assessment in reference to the historic bricks

Atikoğlu, Merve Ceylin
A comprehensive study was done to assess the performance properties of contemporary solid bricks and their compatibility was discussed in reference to the performance properties of historical bricks, which survived for hundreds of years. The handmade and factory solid bricks, which are used particularly in the repair works of historical buildings, are expected to be compatible with the performance properties of the historical bricks. In this regard, some types of contemporary solid burnt bricks, namely hand-made and factory-made (pressed and not-pressed) bricks, which were collected from local producers in Turkey, were examined with laboratory analyses in terms of basic physical, physicomechanical and mechanical properties together with the firing temperature and with a focus on their porosity and hygric properties. The contemporary hand-made bricks are lightweight and porous bricks, which are burnt at firing temperature in the range of 750-900°C. The basic physical properties of the contemporary handmade bricks are similar with the historical bricks while their physicomechanical and mechanical properties are higher than the historical bricks. All contemporary handmade and factory solid bricks have high level of saturation coefficient above 0.80 which signal that they may suffer from freezing-thawing cycles. Among those bricks, some hand-made brick products which have higher effective porosity, lower fine porosity (<0.5μ) and higher water vapour permeability and drying rates are expected to be less susceptible to freezing-thawing cycles.
Citation Formats
M. C. Atikoğlu, “Materials properties of contemporary solid bricks and their assessment in reference to the historic bricks,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2019.